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Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Gary Paul Libero

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Thoughts From Steel Closet Poetry [Mar. 27th, 2006|09:02 pm]
Gary Paul Libero
Thought this would be fun to post as I haven't posted shit in weeks. I was sifting through some old files and came across these quick little poems from many moons ago (back in 2000). I used to have two sets of those magnetic poetry pieces all over my closet - the following came from those random magnetic words.

5:18-am/apartment/ new york city

Miss Champagne Perfume explores her morning surroundings
Broken porcelain angel
Prisoner in a marble universe
How yesterday decayed
Why tomorrow might
Her heart bellows to breath


every bone beats
drink down rhythm
dance through liquid
throb above velvet


Father, could we embrace ghosts?
Remember their time?
Brilliant images smoke the open night sky
A translucent blue eternity
Home perhaps to some
Yet oceans away from my cloud
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Explain To Me... [Feb. 14th, 2006|04:18 pm]
Gary Paul Libero
...why this has become such a joke.


I mean, it's obvious late night comedian fodder, but if this was some backwoods hick who shot his friend while hunting, I'm positive the guy would be in jail for an indefinite amount of time. Fat fuck Cheney gets a $7 fine for not having a stamp!! WHAT?

Not to be cruel, but I hope this fucking guy dies. He already suffered a heart attack because some of the buckshot was lodged in his heart or some shit like that. What will happen to Mr. VP if he ends up having killed a man? I'm curious to see.

Fuck hunting and fuck Dick.
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A Note I Want To Leave On Our Upstairs Neighbor's Door [Feb. 5th, 2006|09:36 am]
Gary Paul Libero

It's obvious that phone calls from management don’t work, so I’m writing you this letter. This is our official second request that you either take the led out of your shoes or understand in your feeble mind that the people who live below you suffer the booming sounds of every step you stomp through your apartment.

Being on the third floor, you can’t know how poorly these buildings are constructed. Your constant traveling sounds like you may crash through our ceiling at any given moment. Surely you must feel the floor give a little as you step heavy from bedroom to bedroom. I know I can. I'm not asking you to make a drastic change in your life, but conscious of the moves you make through the apartment and try your best to respect the individuals unfortunate enough to reside below you.

As I said, this is our official second request for you to cease the unnecessary stomping and banging. The third and final request will come in the form of personal visit. I assure you, if it comes to that, it won't be a pleasant experience for either of us.

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Hate Medium [Jan. 18th, 2006|05:24 pm]
Gary Paul Libero
As I mentioned in the post before this, I’m reading a book called “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television” by Jerry Mander. I’m down to the last argument and will probably finish it tonight or tomorrow.

I came upon a passage that floored me. Mander draws out many obvious points about television, but it’s the obviousness of the truth that most people tend to overlook. That’s what is great about this book. Mander lays it out on the line and lets the reader decide for themselves if his arguments are valid. He’s not on a soapbox blabbering about how the American people should be throwing their TVs out windows, but he’s letting the reader know “this is what TV does to you, you decided what to do from here”.

Here’s the passage I came upon last night:

“In recent years there has emerged a very vocal group of outraged psychologists, educators and parents who speak of the urgent need to show positive behavior, such as loving, caring, sharing, and warmth, in television programs. They deplore the emphasis on “antisocial” behavior that is common on TV. Unfortunately these reformers are doomed to fail in their efforts because the medium is far better suited technically to expressing hate, fear, jealousy, winning, wanting and violence. These emotions suffer very little information loss when pushed through the coarse imagery of television. Like other gross personal expressions – hysteria, or ebullience, or the kind of one-dimensional joyfulness usually associated with some objective victory – the facial expressions and bodily movements of antisocial behavior are highly visible. Hate, anger, competitiveness are obvious broad-band feelings with broad-band expressions. Most of them can be well communicated through body movement. No detail is needed to get the point, and neither is any special talent on the part of the actor or director. They come through the filter of television with a minimum amount of information loss. The signal-to-noise ratio is effectively high.”

Did I mention this book was written in 1978?

I thought about this passage for hours and ended up on the couch, with Sarah, watching TV. I should say studying what was on TV. Everything was hateful. She watches (sigh) American Idol and, for what it’s worth, the best part of that show is the first few episodes where contestants are ridiculed after making complete jackasses out of themselves. It’s mildly funny, but why? It’s like witnessing a train wreck. And that’s the magic of TV.

It’s no secret that the nightly news is nothing but murder, AIDS, death, accidents, rape, bird flu, brush fires, car jackings, car bombs, car accidents, muggings, corporate and political corruption all followed by puppy dogs and ice cream the weekly weather report. What the fuck? It’s sickening.

The story of the minute, in case you missed, is some American female taken hostage by terrorists with a kill clock ticking down the last hours of her life.

Hate, fear, jealously, winning, wanting and violence…that’s the best string of words I’ve ever seen to describe the nightmare that is television.

If you have a few bucks to spend or a nearby library that might carry it, check out this book.

Plus, if you have a few minutes to spare, check this site out:

Eyes wide open,
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Artificial Environment Awareness [Jan. 12th, 2006|06:35 am]
Gary Paul Libero
“What are you doing?”
“Nothing, watching television.”

How many times have you had this conversation with someone? Your answer would be more accurate if you just said “nothing”. That’s exactly what’s happening to you while watching television.

I’m reading a book titled “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television” by Jerry Mander. I’ve blown through half the book already and am floored that it was written back in 1978. Most, if not all, of Mander’s arguments are solid, even now in 2006. Television is television and will always be that way and people will always watch.

Mander’s main argument is that television has but one purpose – it’s an advertising machine, controlled by a handful of people in the world. Underneath that, the author peels away layer after layer of just how bad the act of watching television is; not just for the mind, which rots away with every second of programming, but physically as well. While sitting comfortably on the couch or lounge chair you enjoy so much, you are ingesting sick, artificial light. Plus, as studies have shown, your body slows down to a point of near sleep. Your eyes fix on the TV set and are moving as much as when you are driving or are at work. If you’ve positioned yourself just right on the couch, this means your body isn’t moving either. You’ve achieved an ultimate state of stasis. Your eyes aren’t moving, your body isn’t moving and your heartbeat is reduced to a dull thud somewhere deep in your chest. Watching television, next to sleeping, is the most non-involved action one can participate in during their day. Reading a book is more involved than vegging out in front of the boob tube.

I could go on about this for pages, but I won’t. I understand, in this day and age, that not watching television is next to impossible. We’re surrounded by them, even outdoors. Television has created an artificial environment for modern man to live in. I don’t think many people realize that. They just accept it and go on with their lives, spending and consuming, making ends meet. I’m not saying cut TV completely out of your life, because we all need a little escape from our hectic lives, but understand what it does to you. I used to be a TV junkie and I’m learning to dwindle my watching considerably. Beginning next week, my “TV night” will be Tuesday night, when The Shield on FX is on (best show ever). With the exception of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune during our dinner hour, that’s all I’ll be watching. That’s a total of 6 hours a week, as opposed to the normal 4 to 5 hours a day most people are used to. I now realize I don’t have that kind of time to dedicate to television. There are more important things in this life to accomplish.

For an experiment, try substituting your TV hours with reading a book, exercise, that home improvement project you’ve been putting off, study another language. Even sitting here, in front of the computer, is more involved than the act of watching TV. At the computer, I would imagine, you’re still ingesting the same artificial light, which isn’t the healthiest thing, but at least you’re interacting and drifting off into a vegetative state while watching another commercial for the latest and greatest bathroom cleanser that’s been sold to you a hundred times over.

Stop watching, start living.

Television = Weapons of Mass Distraction

Go easy,
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The Launch [Nov. 26th, 2005|10:05 am]
Gary Paul Libero
The business cards are in, so it's official.

For anyone living in CT needing computer assistance, look me up!

SlickDome Computer Solutions
Gary Libero - MCP
Phone: 860-759-3301
Email: slickdomesolutions@gmail.com

Offering the following services:
Home/Office Networking
Hardware & Software Installation
Microsoft Application Assistance
Spyware, Adware and Virus Removal
General PC Assistance

Reasonable Rates & Prompt Service

Tell your friends and family!
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This Is Not Page One [Oct. 18th, 2005|07:26 pm]
Gary Paul Libero
Driving that last rail spike...
Cracking a bottle of bubbly off the side of cruise ship...
Cutting a red ribbon...

Fuck all that...just think of this as the first sentence in a long stream of thought that will become my Live Journal.

I've done away with my old blog and am testing this LJ thing out for a bit. There's lots to report at this junction in my life, but too much to type out right now.

This page is just a test, and it's not an exit.

More to come...but not too fast.

The law thinks I'm,
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